... a mapping application for FlightGear, the open-source flight simulator. This program is a mapping utility (similar to Atlas), to be used by users of the free flight simulator FlightGear.



Go to the Download Section of the project and select the package jmapview and download the file The source can be obtained from the package jmapview-src. Alternatively, you can browse the sources via Subversion.


Download the Zip Folder and unpack it in an empty directory. Double click on jMapView.jar - the program should start. Otherwise open a command console and type:
java -jar "jMapView.jar" Click Edit/Preferences and set the data directory of your Flightgear installation (E.g. on my Windows installation this is under C:\programs\games\FlightGear\data , but on Linux this is usually a separate directory).


The map viewer is from the project javax-ws from swinglabs, parts of the Flightgear data file parsers are from the Kelpie flight planner and the nmea parser is from Atlas. Thanks to these projects (their programmers) for their contributions.